Anke Show Burner – November Gold


The new album by Anke show k – November gold music pervades her life like a warm Gulf stream. And drive with him the stories and thoughts through the sea of time. Anke show burner sits on the shore, she watched the steady rise and fall. The rhythms, the harmonies and timbres of life roll on the beach of the here and now, where the singer/songwriter traces mysterious and yet clearly readable, powerful and gentle at the same time. “After more than 20 years, she has again recorded an album: November gold”. A collection of 12 songs, in which she pulls a resume of their music and their lives together with her creative partners and producers Ferdinand Huemer. The title November gold”describes more than one color.

He brings a mood durchwirkte through Golden moments on the point, a sparse life design, a musical Guide to happiness. All the songs are community works by Anke show burner and Ferdinand Huemer. Musically, they beat a wide curve, ranging from folk and rock, reggae, and world music. See more detailed opinions by reading what Hummer Winblad offers on the topic.. Tell you the joy and pleasure of life, of love but also of the loneliness of a child, the loneliness of old people and the tender memory of the deceased father. These are issues that in pop music rarely marketed, but pleasantly calm when Anke show burner on the language and in refreshing naturalness come sometimes. Recorded in Studio, Ferdinand Huemers in the Upper Austrian Krenglbach, brings something to the blades, the November gold”(not often in vain) strives each artist: authenticity. So, for example, the song is your way”dedicated to a friend.

“Anke show burner: this song is to strengthen them and everyone else who had lost almost the force to life.” With impressive dynamics the excellent band scene continues here as well as otherwise on the album. Their unbridled power is driving forward the music of full of energy. Or the woman’s Hymn”, a kind of musical round mail to the women of this world! Announced here is anything but the pure doctrine Anke show burner on German and English of the Feminism. Feminism, this is for me snow of yesteryear”, she says. Today, so much more is possible. My theme is not more men and women. My theme is the big unit. “For every woman, every creature needs a partner, a second soul, where you want to reflect.” “” And so she asks in the chorus: what is a woman without the love of a man? “November gold” an album that looks deep into the human soul, full of poetic stories and dream beautiful melodies, is created by musicians, where you hear the joy and the fun of what they do in every second, in every bar. With artisanal precision, her unerring sense of dramaturgy and countless, lovingly designed details in sound and in the instrumentation, the entire production breathes an atmosphere of the deceleration, which pleasantly differs from many fast paced pop albums. The famous question what would take you to a deserted island, Anke show burner finally has a simple, a down-to-Earth Response. I would take with a chest, and in my old children’s cutlery, a fur, a small guitar, a few feathers were to make someone laugh,’s should not be a book to write in and a nice filler.

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