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Tag Archive for 'cinema & entertainment' at Artieda 2011

Tag Archive for 'cinema & entertainment'

Anke Show Burner – November Gold


The new album by Anke show k – November gold music pervades her life like a warm Gulf stream. And drive with him the stories and thoughts through the sea of time. Anke show burner sits on the shore, she watched the steady rise and fall. The rhythms, the harmonies and timbres of life roll […]

Jennifer – I


\”The new single from Jennifer – I’ll give you the sky every night I’ll give you the sky every night\”-the new single from Jennifer. In a question-answer forum Riverbed was the first to reply. It is hit in his latest art – the continuation of their dream. With the single matter with friends, it is […]

Gerrit Winter – What You


The new album by Gerrit Winter – what do you dream new voice, new look, new sound: modern pop pop at its finest! With youthful charm, unlimited willpower and energy is a smart, young man from northern Germany with an album in the wings, which on will blend completely with safety the German Schlager pop […]

Angela Novotny – Summer Rain


The new single from Angela Novotny – summer rain when summer comes, come also the summer hits. There is told of Sun, beach and sea, mostly in Caribbean nights rhythm almost in. In the summer of 2009 but also a very quiet, fragile number with the one of the most interesting pop voices of in […]

Sven Hessel


More information about the band Hella Donna and the current tour dates are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: you Another quick and easy image and text material can download for free use in the online press compartment: press compartments/hella donna contact for questions regarding this press release: Sven […]

Francine Jordi – My Little Big World


Francine Jordi – my little big world’s new album \”the world, albeit odd, more than good enough for me\” Heinrich Christian Wilhelm Busch, who reads most influential humorous poets of his time and the line just wrote as the man with the pointed pen would be inspired by a young Swiss and their little big […]

Tim Toupet – So A Nice Day (pilot Song) In The New Latino Summer Mix


“” “” The new single from Tim toupee – so a nice day (pilot song) in the new Latino summer mix after his sensational chart success with rank 6 of media control single charts and numerous appearances on TV among others, understanding you fun “, the ZDF spring show”, the dome 49 “and again Sunday” […]

Gerd Christian – Luck Lives In Our Hearts


Who lives new single by Gerd Christian – happiness in our hearts after his spring success of single \”when you get older\”, the 8 weeks was able to place 20 of the airplay charts at Musictrace is in the top, Gerd Christian put with an another strong release from his album \”The own face\” on […]

Christoff – Blue Eyes


The new album by Christoff – blue eyes takes off the Belgian superstar 2009 also in Germany! In Belgium, it is the \”superstar of the nation\”. Booked out almost on all calendar days, his fans singer Christoff and thus the musical landscape of Belgium on the head. He has just landed his fifth number one […]

Hella Donna Rocks With Second Album Different Faces


\”News from the brand new album Hella Donna different faces\” the Saxon rock band Hella Donna appeared on 10 July and offers a taste of the upcoming live tour across the Republic. \”\” Two years after the success of the debut come on \”the Plauen band Hella Donna now released the famous difficult ‘ second […]

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