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The standard for protectors to protect joints and limbs is EN 1621-1 protective clothing in general or protectors in particular can make a professional statement, had slightly more than the testimony of paid or poorly informed buyer needs it. It is simply ridiculous to buy a specific manufacturer’s motorcycle equipment, just because she’s just said, will claims in forums to be good or sponsors creating artificial demand. If you decide for a certain equipment, should be guided solely by the facts and figures. In the United States, including any accessories manufacturers can a piece of cardboard the best protection system under the Sun”call without having the piece also would be tested cardboard or would have to meet a standard. In Europe, however, is thank God different. CE standards give the customer numbers and facts at hand, which is helpful for the purchase of protective clothing and accessories. The CE standards set a common test procedure, which manufacturers of Protective equipment and accessories must apply if they want to sell their products in Europe. Products are CE tested only if they by an independent nationally recognized testing facility have been tested and approved.

“” Whether a producer his protective gear protector “or only safety pad” may call depends on the outcome of the test procedure. Due to its design and its material composition, all tested protectors typically only for a specific area of application are suitable, even if some can provide a few better protection for different impact situations. The CE standard for protectors is EN1621-2. This test procedure, a 5-pound curb from 1 meter height on the protector is dropped. This is equivalent to an impact energy of 50 joules. 18KN, transmission capacity, the protector complies with the basic requirements of the standard (level 1).

A transmission power of 9kN (level 2) means that the protector even in a position to absorb 50% more momentum and to keep away from the ribs / spine. Standard for protectors for the protection of joints and limbs is EN 1621-1 protectors that correspond to this standard, must not exceed 35knod force on the joints and limbs give. Within this standard, there are 3 levels. The test procedure starts with an impact energy of 50 Joules (level 1). 75 Joule corresponds to level 2 and 100 joules is synonymous with level 3 (extremely powerful). KN, 35 power shall not exceed at all 3 levels of performance. The amount of force (35knod) is not without controversy at physicians. You argumentieren that you found out in automotive research, that of the human chest already kN breaking bones in forces about 4. Protectors for horse riders and martial artist may share with the body therefore E.g. maximum 4 kN. Despite these concerns, the standard EN 1621-2 let’s at least is a basis on which the customer can meet a rational buying decision. There are some protectors on the market, so to speak twice are tested. They comply with the norm EN1621-2 and transmit less force than 4kN. In some cases, it is worth to read the fine print of the manufacturer, if you want to find out whether a protector is not only CE tested, but also lies under the maximum force required by physicians of 4kN.

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