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Type Examination Test at Artieda 2011

Type Examination Test


* A type test examination uses a type of items called item of choice in which required that the subject select one or more options from among the proposals. * There are different types of items of choice:-multiple choice items, in which you will have to choose the answer that you consider correct between 3 or more alternative response. -Items of binary or alternative, choice with only two possible options for response (v/f). -Items of pairing, I guess, don’t come to the case. You must take into account the difficulty of the items is directly proportional to the perception of the ideal that the examiner raises to thus be able to discriminate between people who have a different degree of the characteristic being measured. Aspects that you must present special attention the question is a frame of reference that you place on the agenda and in the one word or phrase key will give you the solution. You must find it.

The terms with always, never, everything, nothing, completely or only placed in a question with the intention to mislead. They generally tend to be present in the false response alternative. You must pay close attention to this in v/f items. However, when terms are introduced as just, little, sometimes, in general or only it is much more likely that the alternative of response is certain. Items that contain a not in its formulation, they tend to be more difficult to answer, think positive response and then compare it with the wording of the item before responding.

You do not trust if you perceive that there is a pattern of response of type AAA, BBB because it may this not usually obey to the intention of the examiner but randomness. Please note that these tests are corrected with template. Sometimes test builders make mistakes that can take advantage of to respond well to questions you don’t know or that they’re not safe. Some may be:-give grammatical clues: how is called to a? polygon with 4 sides and 4 angles? A) quadrilateral B) tetrahedron C) Octagon – Items that can provide keys to respond to another item on the test. -Do systematically more long the correct response option. The distractors are items or incorrect response alternatives that are placed to distract you. Keep in mind when studying and taking the exam that to build them is usually resorting a: – the most common mistakes of subjects; -frequent misinterpretations; -responses that are obtained as a result of errors in the calculation; -statements that are correct but that do not respond to what arises in the wording of the item; -phrases made it sound good. Finally, you must take into account that it can that the first questions are more difficult as a strategy to discourage the opponent and to test its capacity, so you should continue and not give up, since the easiest put them later. We hope that these tips are useful to any person who has difficulties in study or oppositions being prepared and we invite you to visit the section of oppositions of to consult our free materials, as well as the different services that we offer. Original author and source of the article.

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