Brainstorming, A Tool For Designing Products And Services


Although, companies that have got a success in the market and still maintain, is due to the creativity and innovation. For corporations like Sony, Google, Microsoft and General Electric, using tools and creative strategies to build products that the market requires, and not what might seem to them. To expand a little what I want to communicate I’ll take the example of Google. This company has improved its practices in innovation considering some criteria, see how they do it: 1 .- Support for innovation from the beginning, this criterion refers to the time the company provides free thought, that is, Googlers are one day week to work on their ideas.

Appoint a leader of innovation, the way he is establishing sessions develop launch ideas. To do this, use the tool of brainstorming, making them emerge for 10 minutes, all resulting in each session choose six (6) alternatives to start working. 3 .- a organize regular meetings of ideas, this means that the active ideas that emerged from the creative tool are handled and processed by everyone in the company, for development and viability. a Google makes use of the tool of brainstorming. You can also use it to find business options. See how this company uses a simple instrument in the creation of products, and perhaps at times you’ve descartado.a It is important to know that the thoughts that spring up during brainstorming are linked to your environment, ie half where you interact every day, your house, your job, your community, the university, among others, also the associations you generate in your mind to bring the idea is determined by your knowledge.

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