Engineering Problem


this is a problem that no engineer can fix. As well as it has as much hatred in the world. Since we evolve in such a way, in the culture, science and as much other things. However, in the elementary one, that it would be union of the peoples we irremediably are delayed and wing, until he seems that we embrutecemos still more. The bloody fight between the Arabs; the disputasinterminveis of the Muslen, the ditatorial radicalism in some African countries. Construction and production each bigger time of weapons of more powerful destruction each time, are action that never we will obtain to understand. Suicidal men spilling of blood on behalf of God, worse still. That god is this? The religion would be very better if it served to join the peoples.

When nations are massacreed, imprisoned people, mutilated and deceased on behalf of the faith, nothing more are of what depravation, corruption of the worse species and blindness spiritual. Also we do not accept, because we do not understand, is the fact of as many powerful nations to allow that many of its children die of hunger, cold and pain. The distribution of income in all the nations is false. The social differences in affirm this daily to them. Of a side we have those that spend richnesses stop.

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