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This piece of furniture usually has a small size, is performed in various forms, in the form of cylinders, rings, ladders, and may even be in the form of some little animals, and allows you to install it in any room, even the smallest rooms. So common soft module "hoop" is a structure in the form of steps and a large ring, located on top, so that a child can climb on it. Soft module will look good anywhere in the room. The room can accommodate small colored sofa. In center of the room can be a table, a table for the big game center or a board game, so there will be an opportunity to approach from any side, and children will be comfortable to play. A large number of available toys can child choose what to play, and play with others. Plastic houses obviate the need of construction of its own house-shift, as well as allow children to visit each other's homes. Activities of specialized companies is to provide the children's rooms and entertainment centers for children.

Game mazes – the most sought-after equipment entertainment centers, but more and more kindergartens and other educational institutions prefer to have it at home. Modern game mazes in the country appeared relatively recently and are made on the Western model. They represent the spatial construction – a system of rods, links, rigidly connected to each other. In the maze are various moves and transitions, there are plastic tunnels and slides, soft play units and a dry swimming pool filled with plastic balls. Labyrinth may be designed banners and decorative elements in accordance with the theme, chosen by the customer. So widespread in a labyrinth of "Jungle" you can see snakes, and the whole design suggests the involvement of to relevant topics. A feature of the subject of entertainment in gaming rooms is the ability to manufacture custom made with a choice of dimensions, acquisition and processing. In addition, all work on installation performs the manufacturer of the maze.

Maze game is ideal for nurseries, and various entertainment centers that are focused on creating the conditions for outdoor activities. Small Children's corner can be seen in waiting rooms, where children have to spend a lot of time, places of leisure and even stores, the line of products for sale which is made up of products for children. Use specialized furniture in these places shows concern for children and their leisure. Equipping children's playroom furniture, organizations demonstrate their involvement in child rearing.

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