Cattle Development


*** Indelible track of the gomecista time, and tribute to the cattle development – and nonbullfighting as it is possible to be believed impelled by the general, the statue has an accumulation with treasures to which they can accede local and tourists although the excavation is necessary. Urban legend and signals of the way entretejen a delicate veil on true histories, bathing them of imagination and Creole creativity. We discover the Toro of the Delights. They count the viejitos, and in this case, Do6na Eleuteria Gotto de Sequera, " The Negra" for its relatives, been born in Choron for 78 years and inhabitant from Maracay from 1938, that the then Delights were pastures, space for a call Circus of Calicanto and by all means, the Zoological one, whose entrance was signed by the monumental bronze animal. Being young, it remembers that they said countless times to him that this one was full of morocotas of gold, but also of dynamite, reason why never had been able to transfer. Much more histories tell, from secret tunnels that they take until different the Hotel Garden among others dependencies until to have been a track to find the Treasure of Tarazona, secret that supposedly took to the tomb a military well-known of personal confidence of the Meritorious one, nicknamed the Indian and whose I pull ahead of mystery completed the popular belief that it slept cruzado to the door of the dormitory of his head, not to have met relatives, their permanent mental alert status and especially, to manage to accede to the privacy of the Andean big shot. This took ruthless cazafortunas to excavate in lands of the Zoological one, unfruitfully. Bullfighting or bovine? Its origin also was matter of popular beliefs by many years, as Rodriguez Avendao tells Alberto, one of the pioneers in the raising of bulls of fight, great expert of the cattle, member subject and ex- manager of the Milky $chamber of $industry of Venezuela. .

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