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Sustainable Development X Economic Development. Today it is said very in a new form of economic development, called sustainable development or auto-supported development, that is gotten when all the natural resources are preserved, that is, a not-predatory development. This development alone is possible when it is based first on knowing, identifying the basic necessities of each country, and to leave, to plan goals to reach in favor of its development. The place is not arrived none without planning with a vision of long stated period. The majority of problems appeared from the predatory development, this in the incapacity of the administrators, not possessing the vision capacity in the long run, being imediatistas with its results, why most of the time, is worried more in showing that it is making (amount), without worrying about the beneficial results proportionate the people (quality).

A development for the support redefines the relations with the way, respecting its metabolic processes, as its capacity to restitute the resources you renewed, and creating half to substitute the resources not-you renewed through investment in technology of less intensive use, as well as the recycling. The sustainable societies fight wastefulness, privilege collective and the common good, do not violate the rights human, that is, it defends partner-cultural biodiversity. Sustainable development is that one that promotes the economic development without banishing the environment. This new concept of development demands a great change in the behavior and styles of life, in the standard of consumption and production. Therefore all the areas of the knowledge need to direct its interests for the sustainable development requiring a holistic boarding, to interdisciplinar respecting the differences and conserving identities to live a life without borders, are of orders geographic, cultural, religious and ethnic politics. 4 CONCLUSION Is observed that the natural resources are depleting, being urgent the necessity to review the concepts of economic development.

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