Companies And Employees


The modern terminology, to call the companies as organizations and to call the employees collaborators, does not eliminate the fact of the institutions to continue, in principle, being the same ones, applying certain changes, to reach definitive platforms and to change some paradigms. The companies are entities that they aim at of a form or another one: the profit, being this the way to subsistirem and to progress. In turn the employees are workers who exert specific functions and (they are) are guided to the fulfilment of objectives and goals. To the time that they (the companies) if perform with care introducing modifications that if adjust the present time, to observe new requirements and to adopt a position more ' ' humana' ' she stops with the human capital (the employees), old concepts reign in the heads of those, for which to leave the comfort zone, is almost that a negation. For these individuals, the companies are entities to keep imprisoned people, as she indicates a part of the name well (company), in molds easinesses that they desire, disrespecting that the gratings and limits who establish are so strong and lasting, how much the originated will and the necessity in the workers, to continue if submitting to these standards, as soon as to raise its degree of empregabilidade. The companies were overcome and wrong they are overcome the right to discern, to decant and to try to define the destinations and routes of its employees. To the times these are mentioned to it as parts of a break-head or another game of table, that can be made use in the way that better them to seem, forgetting the freedom that possess managed its, to opt to other ways. In the same way that the company can determine until where I can it be useful to force or me to assume position and works who does not take care of to me, I eat worker, have the possibility to choose and to define that the company, also does not take care of more to me and that is limiting my capacities and potentialities.

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