Municipal Market


When I decided to know the city of Barcelona did not imagine that everything would be still more pretty of what in the photos. I was magic for the Mil House, or There Pedrera. The workmanship is of Antonio Gaud. The building of apartments calls the attention. A bold, different architecture, and that stranger at a first moment reveals, but that it enchants exactly for its originalidade. In the hour of the lunch, I followed There for Boqueria, the Municipal Market of the Catalan city.

To think about diet at this moment, never, since the place congregates excellent options gastronmicas. a>. At night, I was to take a walk in the Ramblas, great avenues where store, bars, coffees and restaurants are concentrated. At any time of the day valley the penalty to pass for, since the Ramblas is an one of the most famous tourist points of Barcelona.Depois of one day and night full of discovery, I decided there to go for hostel in Barcelona. When it looked a place for my lodging, I arrived the conclusion of that to be in one hostel in Barcelona would be the best option. There I found what it needed, as for example, gratuitous access to the Internet, good rooms, price more in account, and still an elevator; more comfort was impossible. I did not repent myself. To be in one hostel during the trip was sufficiently beneficial of the economic point of view.

The address of this hostel I found in the site Equity Point. Of Spain for Portugal. In lusitanas lands, I chose the city of Lisbon to know. I started for the Castle of Are Jorge. The sight that if has of the high one of the Castle is gorgeous. Of there, the river Tejo, the Square of the Commerce, low lisboeta is seen. At last, an excellent place to pass some hours alone or folloied. The sight really valley the penalty. Later, I followed for the Square of the Commerce, more known for Place of fetichism of the Pao. The sumptuous buildings with arches call the attention, and some shelter the departments of ministries of the Portuguese government. When I discovered the Martinho coffee of the Arches, oldest of Lisbon, I did not resist and I stopped to take one cafezinho. Of the Square of the Commerce I followed for the Museum of the Destiny. There, I learned on history of the destiny, and on its famous interpreters. When already she was tired to walk, I was for a shelter. I discovered that it is possible to be in hosteis in Lisbon, a type of lodging chosen for me due to comfort, security and accessible price. After all, it is not possible to go the Lisbon and to be only one day. The city is very pretty and deserves to be used to advantage. Thus being, when being in hostels in Lisbon, time in the city is possible to pass a little more than.

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