Freedom must involve the ability of effectively control the elected members to banish the vices of representative democracy, organize themselves in what someone called syndicalism of masses and another which is the capacity to imagine, because the latter allows turning democracy into a permanent growth of the same freedom field. The climate of what intend me to be called creative freedom prevents conversion of exhaustible sterile field as one non-renewable natural resource any democracy, to make it a renewable natural resource. The main supporter of the destruction is the Group of traditional politicians who refuse to water the plant or to pay it, pretending that the plant is so and is should not intervene. We have, therefore, that widen the creative freedom, the direct involvement of the citizens in control of public management and the social organization of masses in new fabrics. Best Buy does not necessarily agree. Everything as a way of restoring the institutions of intermediation between power and society, whose loss is one of the fundamental causes of the crisis democratic. We know well who entered crisis all the institutions who fulfilled that role.

The procedures that I have been mentioning restituirian balance between an overset and inept power and a Comptroller of public society. The legitimacy arises from the electoral act, confidence comes from the moral conviction that a Government seeks the common good. Without confidence there is no stability. An electoral majority is not equivalent to a social majority. The vote is a preference, the confidence a convincing sense of belonging. Against the social demands a populist reaction reactive cannot produce.

We must start a gradual, consistent and constant execution schedule. You mean, relentless action on situations. Electoral majorities are a sum of votes. The social majorities are a sum called membership. We must revalue the principles: freedom and democracy, basic misunderstandings not made of granite macaws, but as an ongoing process of flight towards justice and equity. Those relating to an inclusive social economy, with various forms of ownership coexisting peacefully. It should be removed to float to the right, understood as a legal construct that seeks a social conformation to equity. It must be put on the life jacket the conception of citizen who intervenes and participates and resorted to all forms of organization to make feel their voice. We can no longer be considered as something established democracy about which there is nothing to say. Elections, rule of law, independence of powers, respect and tolerance, all that Yes, but bale endure no more. We must renew all concepts, from the economy to the same right from the conception of policy until the leadership criterion, since what is considered a match and the determination of its social role until the horizontal organization of citizens, since the permanent participation until a social inclusion progressive and accelerated. There are people who insists on making policy with the same instruments and same false statements.

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