Cuba Opportunity


The freedom without equality is a beautiful word of clear accents but of skinny results. Hubert h. Humphrey cannot be ignored the opening that the new change of the presidency of Cuba is generating, although this always under the direction of the same family, now under the management of Raul I castrate. Note a little more strategies planned for giving to Cuba that opportunity, that has known to cause to him, the collaboration, aid of Venezuela, thanks to its president, lieutenant colonel Hugo Chavez, an admiring faithful of Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolution. It is necessary to see since Chvez to Cuba with petroleum has helped him, dollars (loans), agreements, alliances, until acepar them in the Dawn, giving him to Cuba the opportunity to return to appear with participation not of guerrillas, of artillery, but of commerce that favors to him and can provide to the countries interested in the island a development opportunity, more when exceeds she weighs the embargo of the United States. Many are the critics that the great majority of the Venezuelans maintains with with respect to this devotion of Chvez to Fidel, of its aid, often sacrificing to the same Venezuelan town, with a national budget that does not favor to him. Certain, that before dividing for Brazil, Raul it does his first trip happening through Venezuela and signing some agreements that next must be analyzed, when in the case that corresponds the one of the universities are forced more in entering itself in the reach, repercussions that generate the agreements and to determine, how it favors to the country, all the Venezuelans. Although, unfortunately the universities very little have demonstrated interest and opinion on the matter on these facts, leaving much to say of its roll like forjadores of the professional talent and their proactive participation of thinking opinion that the country needs, more now than is absence of lidrazgo politician able to generate oposin.

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