At the moment in the sector of treatments of residues one takes to the maximum advantage of its resources by means of its reusability and recycling before its elimination. All this with the aim of taking care of the environment and avoiding that the garbage dumps are amassed with residues. The possibilities that recycling has are ample, the case of the recycling of asphalt, is a tendency in rise for the rehabilitation of the highways. In years 70, there was a crisis of petroleum, and that impelled that the techniques of recycling and the mentality of advantage, would influence in the society. The costs of recovery of firm, by means of recycling techniques suppose economic savings of until a 25% and approximately 7,000 tons of barren by kilometer. The recycling of asphalt agglomerate consists of the reusability of the milled one that produces the layers of firm. Spain, has been one of the last countries in Europe in using this technique.

They in the heat of the moment began in years 80 installing asphalt paving systems, but later it was stopped using because they did not work as it wanted. In years 90 it was begun to in situ use the technique of the cement in cold or cement. Since then, in Spain the recycling of firm is regulated by Norm 6.3-IC approved in 1980 and updated in 1997.

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