Dale Bruner


The disciples had lived this, when Jesus was close to them. But, although these moments, we are defied to face situations that in tranquillity does not provide to them. How many times we have that to enter in ours boat, and to follow in front. Whenever Cisco listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Between the disciples it could appear some questions: because it does not go with us? Because it goes to be? How it goes finding in them? They had followed. With you she does not happen thus? She will be that she goes of the certainty? How it will be the end? She will be that I go I obtained.

Because God to my ordered me head for that place, because God allowed this? Our question must be so that. That is, which the purpose of this? 2.Enfrentando the adversities, without losing the hope. Communication of the text: 24-27? The disciples had left sea the rejection. Already he was approximately has a distance of five kilometers. The agitated sea this, the wind was contrary.

The boat was uncontrolled. The disciples did not obtain to control the boat, therefore the wave of shook it to the sea. What to make in this hour? The disciples were experienced, but this did not decide. Wanted the text test that they were not abandoned, in way the storm. ' ' Jesus appears to the disciples at the last moment, three hours of the morning, is the limit human being is the place most frequent to find Deus' '. (Dale Bruner). Jesus was to the meeting of them, of a supernatural form. Walking on waters. ILLUSTRATION: Jesus sleeping in boat MC 4:35 – 41 APPLICATION: Which the lesson that we take off: ) We learn that we are citizens to face stormy moments. b) We learn that we can pass for situations that can shake our structure: physics, emotional, and spiritual.

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