Nutrition In Pregnancy


The brain of alone embryo not if form, is precisoda quality and amount of the nutrients of the maternal blood. Therefore aimportncia of a good feeding during the pregnancy, knowing itself today that umadesnutrio can be .causing of problems in the learning of the future child. also is necessary care estresse with it, therefore everything what the mother feels, thinks, intui, propagates hormonalmente for the blood, becomes a danger in ‘ ‘ formation docrebro of feto’ ‘. Thus this question is placed: ‘ ‘ … The food that the brain receives only is made of calories, leaves evitaminas minerals. Everything what the mother feels, thinks, dreams and intui is veiculadohormonalmente for the blood.

Thus the deriving cortisone of one estresse contnuosofrido for the mother, if it becomes a true poison; it hinders, for example, aformao of a hgido brain … ‘ ‘ (LIGHT and UPLINGER, S/D). In agreement Fernandes (s/d), in its article ‘ ‘ An inquiry on diverse formasde communication between mother and feto’ ‘ (s/d), she is notable who all processogestacional either a very delicate moment for the involved ones, principalmentepara the woman whom it needs support, understanding and to be able affection tersubsdios they take that it to one to uncurl favoravelmentepossvel the psychological physicist and. According to author, ‘ ‘ … the attitudes maternas do not belong to the domain of the instinct, but it continues yourself to append that the love of the mother is so strong that perhaps has linking with the nature. A love endowed with diversities, being a human feeling, and as imperfect such, frgile.

Not being therefore an innate feeling, but that if desenvolveatravs of the partner-economic and cultural oscillations of history … ‘ ‘ (FERNANDES, S/D). We enter, here, in the importance that these autoresatribuem to the quality of maternagem, detaching, its historical enlaamento, since the Antiquity until the present.

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