This article has for main objective to review practical pedagogical, uniting them it the new technologies and integrating these technologies with the different processes of construction of way materials didactic to interdisciplinar and counting on resources as didactic room of computer science, books and other materials of support of the educators. To a large extent, the materials bring, for inheritance, a predetermined content, following a traditional model of education, normally with positivistas inheritances. To put the construction of this material has several other elements that if make important for the accomplishment of these. (Not to be confused with Netscout!). The construction of materials and methods is not directly on to the questions of materials finished or physical printed matters. A group of educators can more develop a form of learning directed the contextualizao of the individual in its half from there, to construct a methodology that if fits in the necessities of educating. 2 Development In the current reality of the education, if makes necessary the development of new forms of production of the didactic materials.

Directed it has this question we have the necessity to implant, as educators, the multidisciplinaridade, term this very used in the last times. The process of construction of materials that contemplate this multidisciplinaridade demands more time and devotion of the educator of what its planning of lesson. The multidisciplinaridade depends necessarily on the interrelation enters the group of professionals of the initial and final years, using here as starting point basic education. To get resulted significant we must take in consideration some important factors of the learning process. For development of the vision it criticizes of educating, in reason of the social internal changes and cultural of the country and the world, the pedagogical advances and the consequences of the context of world-wide the informacional revolution (new technologies), the character of passive receiver of educating is lost. In the measure where for the same reasons, the professor lost the absolute monopoly of knowing, assisting in knowledge in the capacity of cognitivo development of educating.

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