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The incidence of the syndrome is esteem of 1 for 800 the 1 for 1000 births. Concerns with regard to the health of people with syndrome of down include the biggest risk of congenital cardiac defects, recurrent illness of refluxo gastresofgico, infections in the ears, apnea of obstrutiva sleep and disfunes of tiride.Actions during precocious […]

Cellular One Site


Certainly, who already lowered in the Internet saw this type of image: For who it does not know, they are the famous pages of I register in cadastre of cellular, something that certainly encomoda much people. They compel you, to register in cadastre its cellular one, for then liberating download, that generally they themselves nor […]



Requisite of System: they detail the functions and the restrictions of the system, being known as specification of system requirements. The point to serve of contract between the purchaser must be necessary and the desenvolvedor. Technician of senior level is directed for the professionals and controlling of projects, but could be used for the controlling […]

Juan Ramon Jimenez


JOSe LA COLINA am of exile as it is a country, and Spain is a little for me, Spain. Jose de la Colina. THE voice of a child of exile Jose de la Colina is one of the younger exile writers, since he was a child on dates of the war provoked by the military […]

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