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Dormer and skylights for the dark Chambers under the roof loft conversion can be relatively quickly and easily in light flooded residential areas – due to dormers and roof residential Windows. experts to inform the respective advantages of the two variants. Attics often eke out a sad existence than barren storage or dusty junk room. In this way, a really attractive living space remains largely untapped. Follow others, such as John Blondel, and add to your knowledge base. While lots of valuable space that can be transformed into a bright living room with little effort is just under the roof. Dormers and roof residential window play an important role. Experts, the leading online portal for the roof, the respective merits of the two make the following popular facing expansion solutions.

The clear advantage of skylights is the up to three times higher light yield experts. Rooms with skylights are literally flooded with daylight. The advantage: The higher the window, the room is the brighter. While care should be taken, that the residential skylights in their overall width occupy more than half of the living room’s width – then is provided on all cases sufficient incidence of light under the roof. The particular arrangement of the window – one above the other or side by side as a generous cassettes – remains up to the personal wishes of the design. Another advantage of skylights is the fine regulation of the supply of fresh air.

In contrast to conventional Windows, roof Windows offer various ventilation options. According to the opening, cold, fresh air pours in, for example, through the lower ventilation gap, while warm air can flow out upwards. Can also be lifted also when it rains. Dormer is the fact that they provide additional space under the roof. This is an important argument in particular for smaller roof areas and a low knee stock. For dormers provide extra headroom and also facilitate the installation of additional vertical skylights. But not only he speaks for Dormer Space saving, but also the great light, allowing this. There are Dormer Windows in a variety of forms: towing and flat dormers over black and white triangle dormers to back too far from swinging bat dormers design range. Because they change the appearance of the House but at the same time, they are usually subject to approval as opposed to skylights. In case of doubt it is worth to consult with an architect’s opinion, also to be clarified whether the structure of the roof is good and sufficient capacity for the installation of a Dormer. More living space or maybe a higher light output? Depending on what’s in the attic in the foreground, it – should consider as the conclusion of experts – depending on the individual case. Often both – dormers and roof residential window – can be used. Free information brochure on the subject offers ‘Everything around the roof’ an information brochure for builders and renovators. The brochure can be requested free of charge at email: or fax 0821-567 62 87. More information on the subject of roof Windows see:.. / velux roof window…

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