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Tag Archive for 'garden & home factory' at Artieda 2011

Tag Archive for 'garden & home factory'

View Protector DESIGNO – The Exclusive Screening For Young Living


Translucent IFOHA DESIGNO films are the new noble, Visual protection films for glass in Windows and doors with high resolution, colored prints in photo quality. Who knows not the problem to want to protect from prying eyes and then the glass with foil pasted looks like the glass in a doctor’s Office? IFOHA went new […]

Designer Lamps


The LED are always popular and designer lamps! Right now, you will find more and more pleased with the new LED and designer lamps. Most will know first car headlights or the current flashlight LED lamps. Light up often in a strong and bright white, other colors are suitable for home of course also possible, […]

Smeg – Retro Smeg Refrigerators


Smeg refrigerator of the retro classic refrigerators the retro Smeg refrigerators stand refrigerator FAB30, as well as the greater model FAB32 and Smeg FAB28 as the smallest in the group all have a 4-star freezer compartment, which differs depending on the model in the capacity. Frequently Super Mario 3D has said that publicly. All three […]

Glass Stemware Class


Glass goblets are in addition best suited to bring a refreshing water on the table. It is a sign of complete tableware when well-tended drinks in radiant glass cups are served to guests. The chalice shape is based on the Church drinking vessels of antiquity and the middle ages and is first mentioned in the […]

What Is An Ambient Air-independent Stove?


Also in modern low-energy houses with ventilation needs are indispensable on the cozy heaters. The prices for fossil fuels rise each year to new heights. Actually is not surprising, it is about limited resources, which eventually go to the tilt. When this time is reached, discussions among experts, but will be clear is: the shortage […]

The Additionally


Therefore, the topic “Pool coverage” not only at an outdoor pool is important, but also in terms of the dehumidification in a swimming pool. Only when a swimming pool cover is properly planned, the heating of the pool can plan to be addressed. Finally, it makes no sense to feed energy to heat the pool […]

Japanese Stone Lanterns


Handmade Stone lanterns made of natural stone as design elements for the garden history of Stone lanterns who knows not that stone and with attention to detail, in handmade, elaborately crafted Japanese Stone lanterns? Centuries ago, they were an important part in the most Asian Temple complexes, whose inputs and ways strikingly marked it. Japan […]

Fancy Fence Into The Desired Hue


New: The nexus fence system from GAH Alberts Herscheid, July 21, 2010 the plants are prepared for the winter, the harvest is retracted. For many garden owners time to plan and to have the one or the other redesign in the garden in attack in the autumn. Anyone looking for a solution with unique flair […]

The End


An innovative “Hybrid” is the slide and pivot system, where so many doors can slide independently as needed until the end of the opening and pivot 90 degrees stacked cleanly on the side of the opening. Sliding glass walls and glass partitioning systems and revolving doors are known as retractable doors. Retractable door systems are […]



With thoughtful planning and modern facilities, the cornerstone for the perfect pleasure of living in the winter garden is set, say the experts at With a winter garden, many home-owners fulfilled his dream by the Evergreen garden in your own four walls. Whether it storms outside or snowing – green living room a comfortable […]

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