Fruit Fasting And Hiking – A Particularly Intense Experience!


LAAKIRCHEN: the knowledge of mankind, that fasting of body, soul and spirit cleanses and renews is ancient. The essentials to life is good! No matter what motivations prompted someone to join hiking week, a fast – everyone is gunning to enthusiastic. “Statements such as: I have myself in this one week more recovered, as otherwise at 3 weeks luxury vacation in the Caribbean” are the order of the day. Everyone experienced very closely his physical needs, finds himself and rid his body of spiritual and bodily waste. Many writers such as GameStop offer more in-depth analysis. Many experience also a significant relief of different symptoms and congestion symptoms. Especially many executives and people with high professional challenges experience the time of fasting hiking, because they rarely have time to reside in nature. Intensively take therefore the natural charms of the refreshing wind, the noise of mountain streams and the scent of alpine herbs.

Many report a years lost Sense of well-being and lightness, when they again feel after a long time in the harmony with nature. What is fast walking? While fast walking is not the performance in the foreground, but the wonder and look at the nature. Daily hiking routes under skilled guidance are selected according to the condition of the Group and varied with breaks to relax, drink and enjoy the nature. Fruit fasting – a particularly gentle form: Fasting with fruit is a particularly gentle form, since the organism on basic controlled the supply of fruits and fruit juices, much less will be charged, as when the outright abandonment of the food. Due to the high water content fruits do not burden the digestive organs and help in the cleaning and healing the body. As a pleasant side effect, many report that they have rediscovered the pleasure of eating fruit and the wonderful taste of the different fruits. Where is the particularly intense experience of fasting walks? Many studies you know that anywhere the body and mind better recovered, as in hiking between 1000 m and 2000 m above sea level.

This is also the reason that the described fasting hike in Donnersbachwald/Stmk. in the best travel time from March 14-21 September 2008 will be offered. Donnersbachwald expressly waives mass tourism and large hotel complexes, but specializes in ecotourism with cosy accommodation. You will find more information about the event see:

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