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FIFA World Cup


The second FIFA World Cup took place in 1934 in Italy. After the World Cup in 1930, the first World Tournament in the sport, the World Championship 1934 in Italy quickly became a political issue. Many claim that the then ruling fascist dictator Benito Mussolini wanted to obtain an advantage for Italy in the FIFA. […]

Perfect Beach Body


Exercise and balanced diet are important the beach holiday is around the corner and some have done little for the perfect figure. But these people should not despair, advisesTobias Fendt, operator of the Fitnessblogs muscle-guide.de. The time is somewhat scarce, although it is possible to get beautiful abdominal muscles through regular training in the gym. […]

Indoorcycling Courses Now Available At FitX Germany


Fitness courses motivate to the sport in the cold season that Sun is still often seen, but always shorter is in the sky. Autumn is here. For the next few months, the weather knows only a trend: it is colder, darker, and Messier. This goes also, that sports such as cycling, hiking or jogging is […]

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