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FAMILY DINIZ Diniz is a classified Portuguese last name as being a surname, therefore drift of the proper name of the founder of this familiar trunk, considered as being a variation of the last name Dinis or Denis which comes of the Dionsio Frenchman, thus the son of Mr. Dinis was known as ' ' Someone son Mr. Dinis ' ' its grandson only as ' ' Sicrano Dinis' ' , passing this assignment, from there in ahead to the excessively descending ones of this family. The Diniz ancestry comes from the cattle king, D. Diniz of Castile and Algarve, Mr. De Campos of Spain and Portugal, gift in the lyric trovadoresca of Portuguese literature, also known as the trovador king.

This last its favourite person or thing is counted that this king had relationships with peasants, between them Eudxia and Maria Peres, being with which it had some children to who donated Fifth of Saa (word of German origin equivalent to the mansion or small farm in Portugal) of where would have derived toponimo from S, of Maria Peres de S, whose variation in Brazil it is Saucers, in folloied consequncia of the S last name. These bastard descendants of D. Diniz had no longer come of Portugal for Brazil third General Government, with Mem de S and the other children of the Cnego Gonalo de S, its nephews and relatives if they had installed in the headquarters of the old captainships of Rio De Janeiro, of So Paulo, of Espirito Santo, of Minas Gerais, of the Bahia and Pernambuco, one as bandeirantes ones to the search of gold and indians to catequizar (to enslave), between them Salvador Leather strap of S, Estcio de S, Ferno de S, Joo Leather strap of S and others. The Diniz family consists that when arriving, had found already the descendants of the Coasts, Rabbits, Lopes and Sousas, remainders of the old donees and governors of these captainships.

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