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The new album by Gerrit Winter – what do you dream new voice, new look, new sound: modern pop pop at its finest! With youthful charm, unlimited willpower and energy is a smart, young man from northern Germany with an album in the wings, which on will blend completely with safety the German Schlager pop scene. He is new to the music scene, however, the charismatic musician is already trading as an insider tip in the industry. There is talk of Gerrit Winter. His great desire to stand, coupled with the talent to use the voice in a versatile way, Gerrit Winter led to the decision to study music on the stage since childhood. Solid trained, he wants to fulfill his dream. Hand and foot is to have everything and as a cornerstone, he completed the entrance examination to the University with flying colours.

A mixture of exceptional voice, musicality and clear goals in mind, fulfilled finally Gerrit winter dream with a fine team of producer to his own album on the market. His long, exciting way was worth it… The result is impressive. For the first time, an album on the market that will inspire generations comes with \”What do you dream\”. With catchy hooks and melodies that give one the feeling to lose the ground under your feet, Gerrit Winter presents pop songs, which go directly into the ear and that you would like to listen to over and over again in an endless loop.

A particularly hot single candidate at this point, the track should be called \”Breathless\”. Only his voice exudes the young and fresh charm of the Schlager and pop world has used here. \”We are breathless and free there is nothing to us what still keeps\” the crucial theme of the debut album inside this line: boundlessness. Songs like \”only with you\” or \”Your moment\” with lines like: \”Come and live and fulfil your dream and was once again Peter Pan\” exactly reflect the lifestyle of the young musician.

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