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Guitarist Josh Farro at Artieda 2011

Guitarist Josh Farro


… ON “BRAND NEW EYES. Hayley Williams says “Misery Business” was a big step for her and the band, one of those songs that can bring out all that uncomfortable. “This record is different. I wrote ‘Misery Business’ on past experience. But I went through that stage and found a way out. was the same with every song, even those that were not so personal … But this album, I feel a lot heavier, “says cantante.Hayley:” At first I did not even liked some songs for my party … On the inside I thought, ‘This feels good in a song because I’m writing about something that I’m living now, and still is painful. ” He then explained his confusion: “I realized that I had to do with that I did not like the songs. In fact, I felt prouder than ever of these issues. They are heavier emotions for me … I’m still going through this, and these songs really are healing. ” Guitarist Josh Farro said: “If we had taken 3 years, we might have thousands of songs, and we would not know what to put in the hard … We decided to stop writing.” Riot! ” was almost the same record, was not very dynamic. I think this record has that. There is an acoustic song, there are beautiful themes, there is some mid-tempo and there are things heavier …It’s a good mix. ” “We went through a lot of tough moments as a band … We have all been growing. What happens is that sometimes when you’re growing, not always grow with the rest” is sincere Hayley Williams, singer and frontwoman of Paramore. He then explained that everything can get worse when things do not talk. “Do not talk because we did not even time to do it,” said Hayley. The singer told long ago that he began to compose with guitarist Josh Farro. And that, of course, made them again a strange situation. “Suddenly we were in a room together. It was weird, ‘Hey, let’s write a record better than the last. Everyone is waiting’.And that did not feel as natural, did not feel as if we ourselves. “Worse, in addition to communication problems between the band members, Williams had his personal struggle. She began to doubt his abilities as a leader and songwriter (something that seems impossible to imagine if they’ve seen on stage). Hayley: “I question not only about the group … I had many doubts about themselves and about myself. He was writing several letters, but something was wrong. Some hurting, others made me doubt my honesty. Doubted whether it was the right album. Hayley realize that everything was solved once spoke with sincerity.”We went back to being the usual ones, we recover the reasons that we formed a band and why they wanted to make music together.” The end comes with a smile. “There were some doubts, sure, but we’re a better band after having gone through that,” smiles the singer.

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