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But the war was over, we talked, relaxed – and forgotten. Azerbaijan is well understood the full benefits from the conservation of good neighborly relations with Russia. Western advisers are pushing Azerbaijan to the idea to solve Karabakh conflict by force. In the case of Georgia, we see the consequences that all this might lead. Official site: Linux. Azerbaijan imposed belief that it was Russia's fault is that Armenia does not return the Nagorno-Karabakh. K Unfortunately, the objective economic interests of the Azerbaijani leadership is forced to be attentive to the words of NATO barkers. It maintains contacts with NATO and bilateral military ties with the United States participates in GUUAM bloc, which differs clearly anti-Russian orientation. In this regard, Azerbaijan is showing less restraint.

The process of upgrading the country. Within five years, Azerbaijan's military spending has increased 10 times, and often heard the statement of official Baku on the Karabakh Liberation through military means. Policy of the Azerbaijani authorities in relation to Russia is very different from the apparent hostility, and adventurism, which we see on the part of Georgia. In particular, Azerbaijan has refused to discuss with the U.S. providing a base and airfields for an attack on Iran.

At least until we see a multi-vector policy of Azerbaijan, failure unless absolutely necessary to aggravate relations with its neighbors. Azerbaijan maintains and develops even economic cooperation with Russia, has been in contact even in the military field. One can only guess what work is Ilham Aliyev to say "no" to the provocative proposal of the Western allies.

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