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Health Services at Artieda 2011

Health Services


1. INTRODUCTION the quality tools more were argued and used in the industrial scope, being that according to DInnocenzo, Adami and Cunha (2006) the apogee of the quality concept if gave in the Japanese industry of the postwar period. See more detailed opinions by reading what GameStop offers on the topic.. However with passing of the years, this concept comes being each stronger time in the sector of the health ' ' being slowly absorbed for the area since the beginning of the 70 years of 1960 and ' ' (DINNOCENZO; ADAMI; WEDGE, 2006). Therefore, currently, with the increase of the competitiveness, cousin for the excellency, to conquer the market thus the companies of the branch not only get profits, but also they survive. roperly. However, we know that the implantation of these tools is a very great challenge in this area.

First because in the health the given service is marked by a differential? the service does not produce a consumer good concrete, is translated a service that is consumed at the moment where is produced, beyond being permeado by the relations human beings? that they are greatly complex, therefore work with subjectivity. Beyond that the customer of a health service is looking for the same for a reason, a potential problem? an illness? what it leads to a bigger embrittlement of this individual, a sense of revolt for the proper illness, concern, fear (mainly of the death) and several other feelings that are express and for many times repassed to the team that takes account of the same. As mentioned in: Considering the dimension human being, the subjectivity is in the base of all intervention in health, of simplest to most complex, having influence in the effectiveness of the services given for the hospitals. In this direction, some studies relate that the quality of the human contact is one of the critical points of the hospital system public Brazilian. (BECK et al., 2007) and to reorganize means that changes will occur, and knows that to move it is to take off the people of the comfort zone, therefore they has that to reformulate the way to mainly think and to act and acting, because what it became current, and many times, erroneamente, to facilitate the work of some can be seen at this new moment as not so beneficial the patient.

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