Shelf Heat


Currently the new notebooks in the market are very powerful, and that translates into heat, heat and more heat. You can already work in the hours, either in a desktop environment or with the notebook on our lap, Zone Evil Cooler Pad ZE-0134Z Elite +, takes air from the bottom and cools our team thanks to its ultra-quiet 200 mm fan, dissipating the high temperatures generated by the CPU and the GPU of our laptop. ** For use with most of the dimensions of notebooks. Noteworthy features: * ergonomic design with an angle of variable typing that offers the best in comfort and productivity, minimizing the pain and tension caused by prolonged use of the laptop. ** Feeding through a USB connection free notebook thanks to its metallic surface and its effective capacity of dissipation, can run passively without use of the fan.

A cooling solution with a giant fan of 200 mm. * It has two USB ports. Specifications: * Material: plastic and mesh metal.* dimensions: 332 X 345 X 43 mm. * Compatible NB: 200 mm x 200mm.* voltage: 5 VDC. * USB port: USB2.0/1.1 x 2 (input x 1, and the output x 1) * fan Dimension: 200 mm. * Fan speed: 1,500 rpm. * fan noise level: 12 dBA (Min.) * air flow: (CFM) 57 CFM. * Shelf life: 20,000 hours. Original author and source of the article

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