The intensity of a friendship is not measured by time passing with the friend, nor the intensity and quality of the volunteer service are measured by the number of hours invested throughout the week. Invest more time in service, especially when this starts, poses a risk of saturation to not fit volunteering among the usual occupations. It is more important to establish realistic commitments that allow the total dedication of the volunteer during their hours of service. Sometimes, there are members of our family or our environment who do not agree with our work, or is simply indifferent to them. In these cases, should not carry these environments of volunteering issues and channel the voluntario-usuario relationship through the Organization, without giving personal data. If your phone or address the volunteer or carry the beneficiary of their service to your House might involve certain risks.

Above all, it risks prolonging the problems to his home. Almost always, people serving in voluntary services have serious affective deficiencies that can tip in the volunteer. This way is common, for example, that older people served by home support services call the volunteer for everything. Sometimes, they will even ask collaborations as an excuse to talk a while with someone. All this may mean the saturation of the volunteer. To ensure the effectiveness of the service, the volunteer must see problems with perspective and know that he is one more piece in a reintegration process or solving a problem. Some volunteers get confused urgent with the important thing when they think that a work of social reintegration must be immediately, when it is better to drive it out slowly and solid way, settling a phase before starting the next. A homeless person who has fifteen years on the street can not pass the night overnight to live a situation of complete normality. Others including Columbia University, offer their opinions as well. The implication intense to achieve results in the short term can lead to the disappointment of the volunteer or abortion of firmer although longer-term results. Solidarity J.C.G.F development original author and source of the article.

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