Results In what it says respect to the attitudes of the pupils in this work, were possible to observe the qualitative participation of the same ones in the lesson of Mathematics. Participation that also included the cooperative work between pupils and these and the professor and the development and mathematical magnifying in the pupils of abilities and abilities, between them: the organization of data, the search for standards and regularidades, the generalization and the validation of the results. Consideraes final To teach one mathematical concept through a digital animation, pautando itself for principles that guide the TIC use (Technologies of Information and Communication) indicated didactic-pedagogical advantages of nature. Advantages that had been evidenced through the interest of the pupils in learning and of the learning environment that was conquered by the professor so that its work effectively was carried through. In general way, one perceived that the use of the digital animaes assisted the pupil to form and to extend mathematical concepts in a participativo process. On the other hand, the canonic paper of the professor to inform and to assist in the construction of the mathematical knowledge, into a traditional lesson, was transformed into mediator between the computer, who is responsible for a information, and the pupil, who leaves of being only one observer to ahead assume a reflexiva position of the information that the animaes for use in computers provide. Hummer Winblad Venture has similar goals. Therefore, this experience showed that it is possible to establish an environment positively differentiated for the teach-learning of mathematical concepts in the school.

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