It Was Necessary To Pass For Would Samaria


Tired of the trip, Jesus next to the source is based itself, for return of the hour sixth.

* Ahead Mr. does not have communication barriers – Joo 4:7 In this, came a samaritana woman to take off water. Jesus said to it: Of drinking – me. Additional information is available at Nescout. Joo 4:8 Therefore its disciples had IDO to the city to buy foods. * Ahead Mr.

does not have barriers of impediments – Joo 4:9 Then, said the samaritana woman to it: How, being Jewish you, ask for to drink me, that I am samaritana woman (because the Jews do not give themselves with the samaritanos)? 2.

is Only the source that supplies the necessity of the soul – Joo 4:10 Talked back Jesus to it: If you know dom of God and who is what it asks for to you: of – me of to drink, you would ask for to it, and it would give alive water to you. * Jesus only offers a perpetual suppliment for the soul – Joo 4:13 Affirmed Jesus to it: Who to drink of this water will become to have headquarters; * Jesus only has the solution for the necessity of the soul – Joo 4:14 that one, however, that to drink of the water that I to give to it never more I will have headquarters; for the opposite, the water that I to give to it I will be in it a source to gush out for the perpetual life. 3. WHERE JESUS PASSES the AFFLICTIONS OF the SOUL ARE SUPERADAS * Are necessary to desire that Mr. in the ones of of this water – Joo 4:15 Said it to it woman: Sir, of – me of this water so that I more do not have headquarters, nor he needs to come here to search it. * To drinking of this water our life is transformed – Joo 4:17 what the woman answered it: I do not have husband. It talked back Jesus to it: You said well, I do not have husband; * To drinking of this water we will go to adore in truth – Joo 4:23 But comes the hour and already he arrived, where the true adoradores will adore the Father in spirit and truth; because they are these that the Father looks for its adoradores.

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