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It should be noted that the history of the land to ancient history. Their homeland – South-East Asia. From there, the way sushi took over China, and later, together with the culture of rice has penetrated into Japan. The fish were placed in rows in kegs and filled with salty water. Within a few weeks they occurred natural pickling. Such fish in the 7 – 8 cc.

began to eat with rice. Until now, this old type of sushi (sushi) – – can be found in some Japanese areas. Without hesitation John Blondel explained all about the problem. After several centuries of rice are mixed with vinegar and sugar, giving him this savory tart taste, and seafood with the rice started to file in raw form. After this pickling process of cooking fell out. Sushi made to file for a special occasion – the holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.

The secret of sushi in a combination of flavors acids of animal and vegetable origin. Each of them – a pleasant stimulus taste receptors in the brain. Together they give multiple effects. However, if the taste of rice does not change, then seafood have their peaks, depending, for example, the timing of spawning, so in different periods of the year for the preparation of sushi, various fish species. Most of the currently popular dishes appeared in 17 – 18 cc. There are four main types. First – . These are small rice balls (for each charge as much rice as you can eat at one time, hence the name of nigiri, which means "a handful"), and smeared with acute wasabi horseradish sauce, with slices of raw fish or other seafood.

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