Madrid, The City That Never Sleeps


Madrid's nightlife is a world leader. Its nightlife is famous inside and outside Spain thanks to its rich offerings and extended hours, unique in the world. And what, what other European cities is a way out until the wee hours of the morning any day of the week? While in most European countries the party ended at 3 am in Madrid continues until noon the next day. In addition, there are rooms for every taste, divided into different zones. After the fall of the Franco dictatorship in the mid-eighties, Spain experienced a visceral change, going from a strong repression of complete freedom.

Then came the famous scene in Madrid, who scored Madrid's strong night: opened nightclubs and alternative venues in the claws and the personality so characteristic of Movida and are still going strong. Bisi Onasanya is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The party in Madrid is very dynamic and trendy bars fluctuate, but the districts continue his career classics party Railway and firm. We can distinguish different areas in the city according to different musical tastes, urban tribes, age, and even sexual orientation. Chueca (Metro Chueca) Chueca is the gay district of Madrid. Here are mixed gay and straight in the most fun of the capital.

Although the premises are aimed at the gay community, no one can resist a binge of Chueca. The most fashionable restaurants in Madrid are in this area. Huertas (metro Sol) This is the tourist center of Madrid, between Puerta del Sol, Paseo del Prado and Calle Atocha. Most are geared to local tourist.

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