If on the desktop Java-based applications work even less (although many in this wrinkle his nose, saying, 'Oh, again, this brake Java'), then from the mobile side of the platform is now a complete failure. Although inside Android, and is Java, it is greatly curtailed, and tailored to the possibility of smartphones. In short, if you want to write at all this variety, get ready to learn under each platform, their language, compiler, control the platform and api, and still have to shell out – for the iPad / iPod / iPhone specifically not be helped without real device and Iron poppy. But laziness is the engine of the entire it thinking. Relatively recently, there were enterprising boys from startup Appcelerator, who posted a clear framework and a special system development of Titanium. And nobody could not have looked at their creation (in the end, but now so many different environments and frameworks), if not the possibility of tents, which she immediately offered. You write a program once, using the only such system api, and then with one click kompiliruesh under different systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS and mobile platforms! But how? Titanium skeleton Appcelerator Titanium – it's not a miracle-compiler.

This is a whole system for rapid cross-platform application development, testing, assembly and distribution on all available platforms, including mobile. But this is not the main thing. After all, lie at the heart of all standard Web technologies: html 5, css and JavScript. Based on current trends difficult to imagine something else. .

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