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National History Museum at Artieda 2011

National History Museum


By the way, another staircase that style is in Odessa. A resident of the staircase built in Taganrog, a Greek by origin. Fourth, the embankment. Big, beautiful and modern. It seems like all everywhere.

But not quite … During the construction of the embankment had been found a lot of things from there once stood the ancient Greek city of flint, which is probably located on the sea floor to the right of the embankment. Fifthly, the park is named. Bitter. Sufficiently large, cozy cafe, a small zoo and amusement.

By the way, is the oldest park in the south of Russia, founded in 1806. As he liked to walk the paths, AP Czechs. In the sixth and museums. They are a lot of for a small town and each of them interesting in their own way: a museum and Urban Life in Taganrog, Chekhov's shop, museum, AA Durova, Taganrog Art Gallery, National History Museum. Seventh, the shrine of Taganrog. Of course is the St. Nicholas church. According to legend it was built on the spot where stood the tent of Peter I, when he was looking for a place to build a fortress. Particularly revered by the faithful people are the relics of St. Paul of Taganrog, which located in the St. Nicholas church. Also in Taganrog Taganrog is a cell of St. Paul, which is open to visitors and pilgrims enjoyed a special love. This is a unique place for energy. Cell – just one room, located in a house where an old man lived and prayed last years of his life. Saved the whole situation of life of the holy ascetic, who lived over 200 years ago. A feeling that St. Paul was away for a while and soon return home. Room lined with icons. Stand on a wooden bench jugs filled with sand. There inserted large candles, burning day and night before the icons. Anything not covered by the bench served as the elder bed. Paul is not a pillow used. Always planted his head on anything from clothes that he wore. If you lie down on this bench (with prayer of course), then cured of the disease go away fears, mood improves. In Taganrog, a lot of other churches: the church of All Saints, St. George, in the name of St. Venerable. Sergei Radonezhsky, Nicholas. Each church is unique and beautiful. For example, a painting of the Temple in the name of Mother of God "Hodegetria" an unforgettable impression. About Taganrog can still tell a lot, but it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Of course, you do get into a car or bus and wander around the city, but a multi-faceted city of Taganrog as soon not open to you its secrets. Therefore it is better to order an individual (or small group of friends) tour, organize a school trip or even go to a corporate holiday, including a tour of Taganrog, barbecue and all that comes with it. This corporate holiday will help team building, lifting the mood and performance. Give your staff a lot of interesting information and energy to further activity.

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