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Tag Archive for 'Attractions' at Artieda 2011

Tag Archive for 'Attractions'

National University


France is western line of the European continent. Her neighbors Belgium and Luxembourg to the north, Germany and Switzerland in the east, Italy to the south-east Spain in the south-west. From the northwest coast of France washes Atlantic Ocean, and from the southeast – the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. In the north-west of […]

National History Museum


By the way, another staircase that style is in Odessa. A resident of the staircase built in Taganrog, a Greek by origin. Fourth, the embankment. Big, beautiful and modern. It seems like all everywhere. But not quite … During the construction of the embankment had been found a lot of things from there once stood […]

Healing Key


"Sociable" was in the park (now in her sanatorium Healing Key) The very first hotel, built local Cossacks in 1863, was at the entrance to the park and numbered 3-4 issues. Who is not getting any numbers, it could stolovatsya until it has opened a special dining gallery. Located near the office and a pharmacy. […]

European Commission


The momentum imparted to him the bitter bloody Lebanese events this summer years, during which the Cypriots have expressed their hospitality, kindness and human compassion, commitment and, more importantly, the ability to organize and effectively, to help. Pay attention to this, and it was on appreciated. In recent months, notably in Cyprus, with a higher […]

Mediterranean Sea


Tel Aviv, the first Jewish city in Israel, founded in modern times and became the economic and cultural center of the country, often called "the city that never sleeps." It is located on a 14-kilometer strip along the coast Mediterranean Sea. In the north, it crosses the river Yarkon – in the East River Ayalon. […]

New Year 2010 In Australia


The company "Australian holiday" offers a plan for New Year celebrations in Australia right now. Such quickness will help to save money when buying a New Year's tour to Australia, book flights, and ensures the best accommodation in Australia hotels in the New Year rush. Choosing Australia, you will get an opportunity of a cold […]

Igor Bogdanov


The rate has fallen through the floor, but I knew that no other way. Dima is remembered long afterwards, who was the "dead" clients with whom he came in the first camp at the beginning of the season. At seven o'clock on the glacier snow included. They came before dawn, the camp is knee-deep in […]

Karelia Perfect Relaxation


For a large number of individuals certainly a good rest is associated with intense exercise. And for such people to walk in the park located near – this is not an active way of spending time, and only a parody. Realistically, in order to relax in your own pleasure, it is necessary not just to […]

Choosing A House In Spain


For many people in the central belt of the word "Spain" sounds like a song. Hot song with unintelligible words, but a clear meaning, accompanied by heels and castanets. ply. Perhaps no man who would not want to ever visit the beautiful country. Many people visiting Spain on holiday, fall in love with her in […]

Greece Quot


Optimistic officials and owners of the apartments were infected by the sea. Anticipating a large influx of holidaymakers, many rushed to a 10-15% increase in the cost of living, explaining the rise in overall inflation in the country. But from mid-May, the situation began to change dramatically. According to the head of the agency 'of […]

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