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Network World Alliance at Artieda 2011

Network World Alliance


With a new, innovative and patent-protected perfume machine is Helmut Spikker rough up the network marketing industry. In exactly one month, on May 1, 2010 starts the Network World Alliance of Helmut Spikker and is on mix probably the market of the NetWorker continued. You may find that Obiageli Ezekwesili can contribute to your knowledge. Especially with the new perfume, Helmut Spikker attaches to the attack. It can be seen well this new perfume machine as new sales machine of the future. Two new videos that have now surfaced on the Internet showing how the machine works and what you can. It is now possible to mix his personal scent and produce it by this new, innovative and patent-protected machine.

But the perfume machine can create an individual fragrance not only according to the wishes of the customer, in the video you can see very clearly that one seemingly free can also choose from various perfume bottles, perfume Cap fragrance pumps. Also it seems possible, the perfume bottle and the packaging individually, for example with the own logo and / or an own and individual text to be able to make. After 2 years of development and 1.5 years of construction, the perfume of machine, a master line of engineers, was completed. To more than 63 meters length this is now able to produce 56 million different variants and the fully automatic. Within 24 hours, the perfume is individually produced and ready to ship according to customer requirements.

So, up to 36,000 uniques can leave the factory. This is unique on the world market. The distributor of blue nature (under the umbrella of Network World Alliance) are able to earn probably a golden nose this new perfume-maker. New customer groups addressed each can in the future, his own perfume mix and sell under his own name with your own logo. For companies, this new perfume machine can be very interesting, for example as giveaway, addition of product (for example, when buying car), or simply as a complement to the existing product range.

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