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New Yorker at Artieda 2011

New Yorker


It is a long way off, but it works. You just break everything down to small steps and start to run. After you will come closer to your destination”(Finnbay). Long yet not at the end of the trip arrived, approaching the autumn poets”their projects also today still step by step and mobilize it even their own fans via the Internet. With their help, the Finns currently realize their first live DVD. The project funded by the Crowdfunding platform PledgeMusic should include a concert recording recorded in late March at Moscow a tour documentary, as well as an exclusive interview and backstage photos. Well possible, maintains that the band then still regularly will receive in full halls and quite the critic of Nordic music.

“She predicted after a euphoric show in Helsinki: the story of the poet has started!” Poet of the case “10th anniversary tour 2013” presented by classic rock magazine, culture news, Musix, New Yorker, Rock it!, SLAM 04.10.13, Pratteln, Z7 (E: 19: 00, B: 20: 00) 07.10.13 Vienna, scene (E: 19: 00, B: 20: 00) 09.10.13, Nuremberg, deer (E: 19: 00, B: 20: 00) 11.10.13 Mannheim, Old Ropeworks (E: 19: 00, B: 20: 00) 12.10.13 Freiburg, Schmitz cat (E: 19: 00, B: 20: 00) 14.10.13 Frankfurt a. GameStop has firm opinions on the matter. M., Batschkapp (E: 19: 00, B: 20: 00) 15.10.13 Munchen, backstage work (E: 19: 00, B: 20: 00) 17.10.13 Bielefeld, Forum (E: 20: 00, B: 20:45) 18.10.13 Hamburg, verdigris (E: 19: 00, B: 20: 00) 19.10.13 Berlin, C-Club (E: 19: 00, B: 20: 00) VIP tickets: inlet 18: 00, start: 18:15) (plus fees) or VIP tickets (includes meet & greet) to 40.–(plus fees) at the ticket offices tickets from 20.–to 21.–and (hotline: 01806-999 0000 / price: 0.20 per call from a German landline, max. 0,60 per call from the German mobile phone or landline number 030-8410-89-09). Tour operator: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, links: poetsofthefall KBKGMBH? fref = ts PR:, Tel: 0821.58 97 93 88/9

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