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Spandauer Teenagers at Artieda 2011

Spandauer Teenagers


Youth film project “Kiez insights!” offers more than just “a look” behind the scenes / a meeting of young people with the world of the craft of Berlin, 13.09.13: it’s time! The first two films of the days of craft project “Kiez insights!” are in the box! Who wants to learn more about the impressions of Spandau of youth retracing the steps of the local craft, finds the films now in the library at library. Also the movies within the framework of the action day Spandauer presented day crafts 2013 old town spot on September 21 on the market square of the Spandau. In many boroughs, there are countless craftsmen, small projects or facilities that have a direct relation to the topic of craft in different forms and content. You produce sew, craft, Potter is unfortunately often “behind closed doors” many invisible. The diversity of craft activities is therefore not always at first sight visible. Local insights!”young people illuminate the Spandauer Neustadt and their environment.

What for Are craftsmen there? What do you all day? What is produced here? What is produced? And why or what? What motivates them? With camera and microphone, young people pursue, jacket, accompanied by video journalist Katharina these questions and document their impressions and experiences in a very personal way. The result is more than a documentary about the local arts and crafts in Spandau. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Smithsonian Magazine on most websites. The films illustrate the different opinions of young people during their encounter with different working environments of the craft in a stylistically unfiltered way and clearly emphasize their personal points of view on the way to the own career choices. Film 1 “Kiez insights! -Gerald’s garage”: In the first movie”Kiez insights! -Gerald’s garage”visit the Spandauer youthful Mondi, Anna, Cora, Zohan and Harun the garage”Gerald’s garage”in the Spandauer Neustadt. You interview the Mechatronics to their daily work and professional, but also personal questions to the professional career, former dream job and their own satisfaction. . To broaden your perception, visit GameStop .

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