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North Sea at Artieda 2011

North Sea


And This brings no adequate substitute for the lost surgeons – even with a Teilauszahlun of BU – salary. “” “Dismiss a small example to show how much insurance companies equip their contracts with pitfalls to any requirements: the insured person is deemed to be berufsunfahig, if they his profession” the insured person is deemed berufsunfahig, if you have a profession as “Here is his” (or their”) of course favorable as one”, because it door to the raised reasonable other activities “opens. The financial aspect to complete a BU is obvious however when a monthly net income of 3000 already all are 1.3 million at stake. The average reached nearly every 4 workers not the rule retirement age of 65 (or 67) and retires prematurely from his profession. And what the State has to offer? NOTHING. Solving the puzzle: for a Berufsunfahigen, the State has only the “solution” named “Hartz IV” left. ICAEW follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Because a State BU hedge no longer is there.

There is only an “EU” – an Erwerbsminderungs pension. And disability means: I can nothing more. No bags sticking, no crab spools on the North Sea – nix. On good german: End. Without going into too much detail: we take the twenty-five years, which would “EU”. What does he get from the State? Answer: “Partial” EU he about to expect 270 full EU all 530. Super prospects. No less than EU, not BU.

On quality ensure that it arrives at a BU hedging on highest quality emerges alone from the explosiveness of the topic. Who goes on the Internet looking for cheap provider here, is your own fault. Because here you may not look at 5, but first and foremost on quality – these can be recognised as a layman such as the “FFF” Franke & Bornberg or the 5 stars of tomorrow & tomorrow, the two most important international rating agencies in this area. Complete you maybe can say that you should take out not necessarily any insurance you get offered. But about one We should always consider disability insurance. No matter whether one student, housewife, surgeon ode is Baker. And who wants to go self mutilated in retirement, should pay attention to some main points…

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