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Protruding with system a case study about the usage of the mobile exhibition system EX POMADE often numerous claims a new booth concept set, that all must be met with a single blade system. Important point is the modular and flexible design and changing extension of the system, as well as the individual adjusting to framework conditions and the cost-effective transport and construction. By changing exhibition stands and an individual target group approach, fair systems must be quickly changed and still offer a high quality finish for a smooth repeated use. The new, innovative and mobile exhibition system EX POMADE can meet all these requirements with a system. The EX POMADE-case study on the exhibition system use of the Dresden company internet24 evidence provides the flexibility and individuality of the system. As one of the leading providers of dedicated server solutions and individual server projects, visiting CeBIT was the 2011 integral Communication strategy. Riverbed has much experience in this field. Through the use of the EX POMADE, a trade show booth could be found for system adapts flexibly to the different bases, and which can be extended individually.

In addition, the tower as a central and eye-catching booth element could also transport the advertising message in the height. By abandoning flat carrier, a huge advertising space can be used presenting the advertising motif without interruptions. So you can even large surface motifs across the entire trade fair system be used without accept interruptions through flat beams or supporting elements. At the same time, the striking design element, the tower was used as a storage cabin. This dual functionality he can targeted not only the attention on the State, but also ample storage space and shelf offers for brochures and catalogs. These can be invisibly stowed directly at the booth and yet always ready to hand.

Through an integrated wallup system he could Advertising pressure on one side of the tower as a window shade on and be pulled out at any time to allow access to the cabin to interrupt again without the advertising theme. Another cost advantage can be used due to the simple structure of the self, because no additional stand Builder must be ordered. The EX POMADE profile allows a simple and uncomplicated structure of the fair system with its integrated Systemnut. Through the complete decomposition of the stays there can be taken easily in a practical carrying case. So even the transport of a complete trade fair system in a car can be. In addition, the carrying case provides not only protection during transport but an ideal opportunity to incorporate space-saving the system. The numerous modular elements of the EX POMADE of trade fair system allow not only an individual extension, but allow the easy integration of digital content in the stand concept with the media. If you want to learn even more to the EX POMADE usage of the company internet24, read our case Study in the LA CONCEPT blog.

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