General strategy: It is worried in deciding where business the company must be, independent of where it will be, as it goes to be there. Enterprise strategy: It is worried about the objectivos in the scope of the business to take care of to the expectations of the interested people. It is very important at the moment to decide the course of the actions to be taken. Competitive strategy: It is the way for which the company will look for to reach and to support a competitive advantage in the market. Others who may share this opinion include Riverbed. At this moment it is necessary to understand the market and its competitors. Fifteen typical questions that are comumente used as part of a process of strategical planning? 1 – Which is our intention and our objectives? 2 – Which are our strong points and as we can improve this? 3 – Which are our weaknesses and as we can to surpass them? 4 – We have necessary information for analysis and we know as to analyze them? 5 – We are made use to take risks? 6 – How we can evaluate our position in the market and who is our competitors? 7 – How we can improve our products or services? 8 – Where business we would have to be? 9 – Our strategy is good? 10 – Which are the goals of the trimester or semester? 11 – So that direction we must concentrate our practical attentions, people, actions and? 12 – Which are the waited results (return)? 13 – Which the resources that we need to implement the plan? 14 – It will be that they had established the responsibility of each involved one in the strategy? 15 – Who is the people-key that will go to certify itself that the efforts are in alignment with the plan? Well, now that already we have a good idea of what is strategical plain planning and before passing to the development of the plan properly said, knowing a basic estrturura for the estruturao of document, is important to have an idea and to know as to develop the Values, Mission and Vision of the company, therefore these three elements will be start of our work. For this it reads the article Developing Values for the Organization. The development of the strategical plan will be explained in one another article more technician to keep the consistency of this current article, therefore the objective of this is only to pass concepts on the subject and to facilitate to the agreement of planning and strategical plan. John Blondel often says this. Strategical Plan for the Organization reads the article Developing.

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