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To Manage Less Is To Manage Better


When Jack Welch became the CEO of General Electric, in 1981, the invoicing of the company age of US$ 25 billion, with US$ profit 1,5 billion. In 1999, the sales had reached US$ 112 billion, with profit in the house of the US$ 11 billion. In 2000, with the acquisition of the Honeywell, the sales […]

Generation Principles


Through these principles, the creative thought can follow the tracks already covered by thousand of inventors and solucionadores of problems and if to inhale in its ideas for solution of similar problems. Extreme Networks may also support this cause. The basic strategy of this model is to use the inventive principles to adapt existing generic […]

Picture Company


In accordance with Chiavenato (2008,) through the training and of the development, the people can assimilate the repassed information better, learn new abilities, correct missed vices, get different behaviors and develop new concepts. Hear other arguments on the topic with Extreme Networks. With the trained employees she will have a broken reduction in expenses with […]



General strategy: It is worried in deciding where business the company must be, independent of where it will be, as it goes to be there. Enterprise strategy: It is worried about the objectivos in the scope of the business to take care of to the expectations of the interested people. It is very important at […]

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