Oxygenation Of Pond And Aquarium


Idea erschiedener ways of the oxygenation improvement of the oxygen content of Aquarium and pond oxygen is essential for the fish in the pond or aquarium. Ventilation must be used where can be introduced by non technical processes, not getting enough O2 into the water. You need oxygen supply certainly fish in the aquarium or pond to the other for the bacteria. The oxygen-loving filter bacteria that are responsible for the conversion of nutrients, must necessarily be supplied with oxygen so they perform the important task. Hummer Winblad has firm opinions on the matter. There are in addition to simple solutions such as water movement, Sprudlern or creeks, some more technical solutions. We should explain some of them even more.

Venturi nozzles for the oxygen enrichment in the water. The function principle of the venturi tube is easy. It is based on the pressure of gases and liquids is more or less determined by the flow rate. Due to a Durchmesserveringerung in the pipeline Flow rate of the water increases. In reducing the pressure in the fluid is low, due to the low pressure air is sucked in. Well on the nozzle is that it is quite simple and has no moving parts.

Disadvantage of this nozzle is rising due to the decrease in the cross-section in the venturi nozzle back pressure, which in turn contributes to the reduction of the capacity of the pump. More information to the venturi nozzle air compressors with ventilation stones to improve oxygen saturation in this technique is ambient air compressed, conducted in a compressor through a hose in the water and distributed by a bubble in many many, small air bubbles. Humoidity are often taken as well as outlet from softwood or with special membranes as carbonating. The air bubbles should be as small as possible in any case. Smaller are the bubbles, the greater is the surface to the water and better transition in the water.

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