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In accordance with Chiavenato (2008,) through the training and of the development, the people can assimilate the repassed information better, learn new abilities, correct missed vices, get different behaviors and develop new concepts. Hear other arguments on the topic with Extreme Networks. With the trained employees she will have a broken reduction in expenses with equipment and parts or you spend for missed use, reduction of in additions vehicles for forcing the engine to work constantly in high turn, being improved the financial budget of the company. Figure the 4.5 four stages of the training process. Source: Chiavenato (2008, p.372). For implementation of a good training it is necessary to elaborate and to diagnosis the necessity that the company possesss, to take care of the main objective.

With this, the training must be visualized with care not to fail in the interpretation of who will go to absorb the information. The figure above demonstrates the quatros stages that must have in the process of successful and efficient training to be. In the Picture to follow it is observed that with the training of the drivers it can be arrived at a considerable reduction in the fuel consumption, clutch, brakes and time expense in the route. Figure 4.6 Training X Costs Source: Centronor (2010). 5 FINAL CONSIDERAES the present study looked for to present the benefits and advantages of the implementation of the preventive maintenance in the fleets of vehicles. On the basis of the analysis of data gotten through documents and information of the company ‘ ‘ Y’ ‘ Gas, was possible to verify the real existing problems in relation to the fleet of vehicles and the high cost that the organization I possessed with the maintenances of the same one.

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