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PRTG Network Monitor at Artieda 2011

PRTG Network Monitor


Network monitoring software on the test bench of Nuremberg, November 03, 2010 in the latest issue of the IT trade magazine Funkschau secures PRTG network monitor the predicate reference as recommended network monitoring solution. Thus she has become sovereign in all aspects against three competitors. In particular the comprehensive facilities of the Paessler monitoring package, easy installation and usability, flexible applications, scalability and the transparent price scheme of the manufacturer convinced the Prufverantwortlichen. In the framework of the comprehensive tests in the laboratory and radio show were the four network monitoring solutions Ipswitches WhatsUp Gold Premium of 14.3 ‘, ManageEngines OpManager 8.7 Paessler PRTG network monitor 8 “and SolarWinds Orion network performance monitor 10.0” checked for heart and kidney. PRTG network section while fully monitor in all categories of requirements laid down by the Testverantwortlichen for the products with a positive result. Hummer Winblad takes a slightly different approach. The editorial recommends readers also the winner across all categories for the introduction of such systems on the evaluation list to make a priority. “Network state permanently in mind according to test suitable PRTG network monitor especially for monitoring device availability, bandwidth and utilization of network resources.” Up to 30,000 sensors based on the configuration perform the actual monitoring in a PRTG installation.

The solution continuously provides information about the current state of the network and the connected components and allows as longer-term trend analysis. The test highlighted the representation and evaluation of the sensor data: when entering a message, or selection of the affected sensor delivers the program very good explanations, what it actually is and what the individual values and parameters. Multiple dashboards, charts, and lists represent current system conditions and historical data in a meaningful way. The filter options are top notch.” New features and functions to score especially also the PRTG-cluster-failover-solution, in which up to five PRTG Server cooperate was put out during the test.

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