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Generally it is leaked in the body of a process and serves of base for forwardings and decises' '. Learn more on the subject from John Blondel. (RASP, 2010) When seeming is not approved by competent authority, has mere opinativo character. IT WOULD CARRY ' ' They are acts for which the competent authorities determine steps of administrative character, give to instructions on the execution laws and of services, they define functional situations and they apply measured of order disciplinar' '. (KASPARY, 2007 you would only carry) Them produce effect of the distribution inside. You would carry used generalities to assign commissions, to define attributions, homologation of competition, registrations and results and Would carry special to assign removal, license, capacity will be for an employee. Forwarded for the competent authorities, in the case of the UFRB, for the Director.

REGIMENT ' ' It is normative act of internal situation of an agency, assigning the category and purpose of integrant institution of basic system, detailing its structure in organizacionais units, specifying the respective abilities, defining the attributions of its controllers and indicating its internal relationship and externo' '. (RASP, 2010) In accordance with Rasp the regiments are approved by decree of the President of the Republic or would carry of Minister of Titular State or of integrant agency of the Presidency. Forwarded for the Director, Directors of Centers and Coordinators of Collegiate of Courses, after approval of the Advice. (In accordance with Portaria n 498/2009) REGULATION ' ' It is a set of rules of general character, the ability of the Executive, with the purpose to clarify or to complement a legal text, guaranteeing, thus, execution of determined law or decreto' '. (RASP, 2010) Forwarded for the Director and Directors of Centers after approval of the competent Advice. REPORT ' ' (…) an official document in which an authority displays the activity of a distribution or it gives account of its acts to another authority, level superior.' ' (Magazine of the Public Service, April of 1994) the Report is a narration of activities or facts, with the discrimination of all the elements.

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