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Books, roads and days gives man wisdom. While it gives us the opportunity to stay, to have life in order to understand it leverage in our short transit of perishable forms, must know it leverage in such a way that we enjoy it intensely, that let us know her leverage with due attention, knowing interrelate us, properly handle our energy manifested in feelings, emotions, which we must know how to manage in such a way that we feel well and not afectemos anyone. Cisco is often quoted on this topic. Fortunately those who have preceded us have bequeathed us knowledge based on their experiences of how important, relevant autoconocerse, is using the basic tools that guarantee us harmony, happiness, peace and allow us to grow as people, as in the spiritual. Unfortunately there are many people who have not worried this, surprised in his actions, in how they behave, what their behavior generates and affects your personality, giving way to frustration anguish, sadness, all that deteriorates that potential that all We bring you to use it properly in pro of knowing the opportunity of living. Source: ICAEW. Every human being has a series of needs as it unfolds and is necessary to meet them in order to grow, in addition each person has to have an autonomous and independent life project which many times are not achieved since the person does not have enough mental strength so that everything you want to be awarded, there are many aspects or feelings generated us restrictions against our growth as for example: ego, empathy, lack of self-esteem, fear, frustrations all this results us in serious conflicts that the long delayed our evolution deteriorate our authentic personality making our conduct this oriented to the satisfaction of the physical world (pleasures, self-centeredness, etc) most of the people are concerned about look good, be fashionable, hold untold riches; a psychotherapist in San Francisco, I would point out that for some who have enriched at a young age, money is the root of the stress and confusion, purchased two or more houses, spend money hand over fist and when that did not make them happy; they become depressed, feel empty and remain hesitant without knowing what to do with his life. .

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