PVC Film For Stretch Ceiling


Stretch ceilings became very popular in our country recently suspended ceilings are leaders in making repairs virtually all flat premises, as well as a cottage or villa. Production and installation stretch ceiling is relatively inexpensive, but their quality is impeccable. It is worth noting that the period of effective use of a stretch ceiling is much greater period of operation of the ceiling. In doing so he not only retains its attractive appearance, but also protects the building from possible protochek from the upper floors. For the installation of stretch ceiling is not required a long period of time, all preparatory work is done in workshop.

In your own house will only assembly designs on the ceiling with a special heating element. In this case, there is no dust, no dirt or stains from the usual whitewash, and putties, which usually followed by repair in the apartment. What is the reason for the high quality stretch ceiling Unique performance of suspended ceilings are explained by the properties of PVC films used in their manufacture. In fact, it is a thin layer coating, the composition close to the plastic cups, which are packed in yogurt. This stuff is absolutely safe for health, it does not emit when heated are no harmful chemicals or unpleasant odors.

The suspended ceiling is made of polyvinyl chloride, not more dangerous than a plastic cup. PVC film is easily washed. It can be cleaned with a dry cloth. In this case, the appearance of the ceiling does not change. The service life of suspension ceiling of PVC film for at least five years, but the manufacturers assure us that in fact such a ceiling can delight you with its perfect view for much longer. Today, you can use for making a false Ceiling PVC films of different kinds and qualities. There are a few of its basic types: glossy, matte, transparent, translucent, satin and some others. Even the most demanding buyer will be able to find a PVC film he needs quality and type. Who produces PVC film for suspended ceilings in our country is widespread PVC film, produced in France. In recent years, serious competition it is ours, Chinese film for stretch ceiling, not inferior in quality to it, but a more democratic and costs. Agree, this factor when choosing a stretch ceiling could be decisive.

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