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Metal Doors – An Inside Look


Despite the fact that the modern construction market represented a wide variety of metal doors, both imported and domestic, the main difference between them – is the price. Metal doors – With regard to manufacturing technology manufacturing technology door is not seen too much difference. The basis of any door, usually rectangular frame is made […]

American Art Deco


It is no secret that the art deco huge amount. And they differ from each other. Art Deco as a style very often borrows some characteristics from other styles as well as Art Deco is now in vogue, this cocktail style has a huge amount. Deco Deco strife. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such […]

PVC Film For Stretch Ceiling


Stretch ceilings became very popular in our country recently suspended ceilings are leaders in making repairs virtually all flat premises, as well as a cottage or villa. Production and installation stretch ceiling is relatively inexpensive, but their quality is impeccable. It is worth noting that the period of effective use of a stretch ceiling is […]

In Ukraine


This is the material used for their famous masterpieces by Michelangelo. And now This beautiful stone that can transmit light to a depth of 40 mm, used for architectural and sculptural works. In Greece, the great marble mined on the island of Paros. From it are made known to the ancient sculptures Masters, plates for […]

Plastic Windows


And yet the "white spots" in the minds of the buyer remains a lot. That there is only the phrase "wooden windows. Glazing – construction of several glasses – can only be a glass. But once to understand, really hard, especially in cases where the same word is called different things. For example, the "profile". […]

Cheap Stretch Ceilings


If you do not make the big claims to the design of the room, the suspended ceiling "economy class" fully meet your needs. Stretch ceiling without unnecessary frills (art print, multi-level, etc.) perform the main purpose of any ceiling, it creates a perfectly smooth surface over the head. Minimum guarantee, which allows the installer to […]

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